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What is an ID card printer?

An ID card printer is a specialized printer designed to produce plastic ID cards. These printers can print text, images, barcodes, and encode information on the cards, making them ideal for creating employee badges, membership cards, and access control cards.

What technology is used in Fargo, Javelin, Nisca, Evolis, and Zebra ID card printers?

These brands use various printing technologies, including dye-sublimation, direct-to-card (DTC), and retransfer printing. Dye-sublimation and DTC printers print directly onto the card's surface, while retransfer printers print images onto a transfer film that is then applied to the card, resulting in higher quality and durability.

Are ID cards printed with these printers secure?

Yes, ID cards printed with Fargo, Javelin, Nisca, Evolis, and Zebra printers can be highly secure. These printers support features like holographic laminates, UV printing, and smart card encoding to enhance security and prevent counterfeiting.

How can I get technical assistance for my ID card printer?

For technical assistance, refer to the user manuals and setup guides included with your printer. You can also find support resources on the respective brand’s website. Our technical support team is available to help with any issues. Contact us via email at or by phone at 050 133 5775

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