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What Is A Wacom Signature Pad And HowDoes It Work?

A Wacom Signature Pad is an electronic device designed for capturing handwritten signatures digitally. It features a high-resolution screen that allows users to write their signature with a stylus, just as they would on paper. The device connects to a computer via USB, and the signature is captured in real-time, providing a secure and efficient way to sign documents electronically.

What Software Do I Need To Use With My Wacom Signature Pad?

To use your Wacom Signature Pad, you will need to install the Wacom driver, which is available on the Wacom website. Additionally, you might need compatible software that supports electronic signatures, such as Adobe Acrobat, Wacom's own signature software, or other third-party applications designed for electronic document signing and processing.

Can I Use The Wacom Signature Pad WithMultiple Computers?

Yes, you can use the Wacom Signature Pad with multiple computers. You will need to install the appropriate drivers on each computer you intend to use with the pad. Once the driver is installed, simply connect the pad via USB, and it should be ready for use.

How Secure Are The Signatures Captured With The Wacom Signature Pad?

Signatures captured with the Wacom Signature Pad are highly secure. The device records biometric data, such as the pressure, speed, and rhythm of the signature, which makes it difficult to forge. Additionally, the signatures can be encrypted and incorporated into digital documents, ensuring that the signature and the document have not been tampered with.

Demo Unit For Testing & Integration?

Yes, you can request a demo unit of the Wacom Signature Pad for evaluation purposes. Please contact our sales team through the contact form on our website to inquire about demo unit availability.

We are happy to provide demo units to businesses and system integrators interested in ensuring compatibility and evaluating our signature pads to meet your needs before making a purchase.

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