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What is a passport scanner?

Passport scanner is a device designed to capture and verify the information stored in a passport. It scans the passport's data page, extracts text and images, and can authenticate the document to ensure its validity.

What types of passport scanners do Plustek, Thales Gemalto, and Sinosecu offer?

These brands offer a range of passport scanners, including desktop and portable models. Their scanners are equipped with features such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition), MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) reading, and UV/IR imaging for enhanced document verification.

What technology is used in Plustek, Thales Gemalto, and Sinosecu passport scanners?

Passport scanners from these brands use advanced imaging and optical technologies to capture high-resolution images of passport pages. They also utilize OCR for text recognition, MRZ reading for machine-readable zones, and UV/IR imaging to detect hidden security features in passports.

Are passport scanners from these brands secure?

Yes, passport scanners from Plustek, Thales Gemalto, and Sinosecu are designed with high-security standards. They offer secure data capture and transmission, document authentication features, and integration with various security systems to ensure the reliability and integrity of scanned information.

How can I get technical assistance for my passport scanner?

For technical assistance, refer to the user manuals and setup guides provided with your device. Additionally, you can find support resources on the respective brand’s website. Our technical support team is available to help with any issues. Contact us via email at or by phone at 0501335775