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Emirates ID Reading Solution

We specialize in handling Emirates ID data efficiently and securely

Emirates Id Reading Solution UAE

The Emirates ID is an identification card issued by the United Arab Emirates government to its residents. It contains personal information and a photo of the cardholder. eTOP offers customizable software allowing different sectors, such as banking, schools, hotels, government, typing centers, car auctions, medical, pharmacies, hospitals, and other organizations, to efficiently manage and utilize EID data. The software is compatible with both Windows and Android platforms. Essential features of our National ID software are listed below.

Our Eid software is compatible with various card readers, including ICA-approved readers such as Omnikey 3121, Acr39U, Gemalto CT30, Acr39 nf, and Acr39 N1.

This software can export data to Excel, PDF, and SQL databases and push data as JSON to APIs. It supports XML, text files, door access control databases, and ODBC integration.

Our software solutions are tailored for government entities such as the RTA, insurance companies, banks, and visitor management systems. We specialize in handling Emirates ID data efficiently and securely.

We can develop custom Android, IOS, windows, and API applications to pass data to ERP systems.

Contact us for Emirates ID software and passport scanner solutions in Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Improve your identity verification and document scanning processes with our reliable and efficient products.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Visitor Management System

Analytics and Reporting

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