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i-keybox L (64)

i-keybox L (64)


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The Landwell I-keybox key management system turns conventional keys into clever keys that do much more than just open doors. They become a critical tool in increasing accountability and visibility over your facilities, vehicles, tools and equipment. We find physical keys at the core of every business, for controlling access to facilities, fleet vehicles and sensitive equipment. When you can control, monitor and record your company's key use, your valuable assets are more secure than ever before. The I-keybox control system enables you to track and control all of your keys and restrict who can access them, where they are taken, and when. Instead of spending time looking for misplaced keys or having to replace missing ones, you can rest comfortably with the ability to track keys in real time.
The Landwell key management system has built in android support and can be networked with the Landwell Cloud Software. With key retrieval and return tracking records stored on the internal SSD and/or stored on the cloud server, key management has never been easier! This device only allows authorized users access the keys and stores the data by means of a RFID card, password, or fingerprint. Landwell is the most secured way to keep a record of all of your keys at all times with records backing each time a key is moved to or from the system.

Eliminate time-consuming key transaction record-keeping. Generate custom reports to track key issues and returns. Prevent lost or misplaced keys Stop unauthorized access to your facilities and vehicles Give a user or group access to specific keys No data loss in the event of power failure Emergency release & Alarm Operate as a standalone solution or networked


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