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10.3" BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro Kaleido 3 6GB+128GB E-Ink Colored Tablet

10.3" BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro Kaleido 3 6GB+128GB E-Ink Colored Tablet

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BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro is a cutting-edge 10.3" E-Ink tablet designed to blend the versatility of a tablet with the eye-friendly display of E-Ink technology. This device features the advanced Kaleido 3 color E-Ink display, capable of showing 4,096 colors, providing a vibrant and comfortable viewing experience. Powered by a 2.8GHz Qualcomm Octa-Core processor, 6GB of LPDDR4x RAM, and 128GB of internal storage, the Tab Ultra C Pro delivers exceptional performance for multitasking and productivity.

With a sleek 6.6mm design and weighing just 450g, the Tab Ultra C Pro is highly portable and stylish. The device includes a 16MP rear camera with LED flash, making it convenient for document scanning and photography. It runs on Android 12, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of apps available through the Google Play Store. The tablet also supports various accessories, including a magnetic keyboard and stylus, enhancing its functionality for professional and creative tasks.

Key Features

  • Display: 10.3" Kaleido 3 color E Ink screen with a resolution of 1240 x 930 pixels (150 PPI for color) and 2480 x 1860 pixels (300 PPI for black and white).
  • Processor: 2.8GHz Qualcomm Octa-Core CPU.
  • Operating System: Android 12.
  • Memory: 6GB LPDDR4x RAM and 128GB internal storage, expandable via microSD card slot.
  • Battery: 4600mAh battery providing long-lasting usage.
  • Stylus Support: Includes BOOX Pen2 Pro with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4GHz + 5GHz) and Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Camera: 16MP rear camera with LED flash.
  • Additional Features: Fingerprint lock, auto rotation, adjustable front lights, and BOOX Super Refresh Technology for smoother performance.

Usage and Applications

  • Reading and Note-Taking: The Tab Ultra C Pro supports a wide range of ebook formats and features advanced note-taking tools, including Smart Scribe for converting handwriting to text and creating annotations. It is ideal for reading documents, comics, and manga, and taking detailed notes.
  • Productivity: With its powerful processor and ample RAM, the tablet is perfect for multitasking and running productivity apps. The optional magnetic keyboard and stylus enhance its utility for professional work and creative projects.
  • Document Management: The 16MP camera is useful for scanning documents and taking high-quality photos, making it a versatile tool for business and educational purposes.
  • Dimensions: 6.6mm thickness
  • Weight: 450g
  • Screen: 10.3" Kaleido 3 color E Ink, 1240 x 930 resolution for color, 2480 x 1860 resolution for black and white
  • CPU: 2.8GHz Qualcomm Octa-Core
  • RAM: 6GB LPDDR4x
  • Storage: 128GB, expandable via microSD
  • Battery: 4600mAh
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz + 5GHz, Bluetooth 5.0
  • Operating System: Android 12
  • Camera: 16MP rear camera with LED flash

The BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro is designed for users seeking a high-performance E-Ink tablet that offers a balance of productivity, creativity, and eye comfort.